I tried to pinpoint issues with the cloud service for software. This work helps people understand the infrastructure of cloud software and the issue that go along with it. People with concerns about their protections of data via a cloud will find valuable research on my website. If this site had strong taglines and keywords, it would likely yield popularity. I chose not to make this project searchable because I don’t want my research to get stolen. By including a video toward the beginning, the audience will get another grasp at the issues other people are seeing with the cloud. My job was to give the people uncertainty about using cloud services. My modalities accompany text in an alternating fashion. I wanted the audience to get a sense of piracy as something positive, so I made the number one government funded program seem less credible by linking an image of an article found on Flickr that also discusses the uncertainty of the downsides to software cloud.

My passion was fueled by my urgency to share information on the insecure channels of cloud data. As it stands, government action can proclaim your cloud content as their own. The servers used for cloud data were incorporated at the end because I felt that information was the most surprising. Though, my direction for this research project at first was to find as much as I could about cloud software. I could only find issues with Adobe’s Cloud, primarily because they are the most talked about as of recently in regards to the switch to a subscription-based service.

I had many resources that helped me accomplish this assignment. The school’s database for academic articles was a highly stimulating avenue for acquiring the information I needed in order to make my website gain the extra heft that my design skills greatly lack. Adobe, being a well-know developer, had a multitude of information online about my topic, which was really awesome because all I really wanted to focus on was the issues with Adobe’s Cloud. After research, all my interests became about copyright issues with the cloud and audience members that will stick with legacy versions because of the cloud’s monthly cost, limited data availability, and need for the physical copy.


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