Gee/Shirky Correlation Piece

A video game-like learning experience is Gee’s main claim toward a better learning system. He explains the lingo that best fits the skills learned from video games as a kind of learning device best matched with the awareness of valuable skills and assets learned if only we pay attention to the correlation of learning from video game playing to real life experiencing. Shirky holds the same to be true but for online lives, i.e., forums, blogs, any kind of amateur media one not only is a consumer of but also a producer. With production in mind, even if so small as making a “Lulcat,” there is no doubt a lesson here: that all human autonomy is fueled by the initial urge to satisfy the need for publicity, active change, and otherwise critical thinking.

A game is a lot like real life–but games can only take it so far. There is a design scheme in each and every game that not only guides the player but thoroughly dictates all possibilities for courses of action. Gee explained there not being enough of an awareness of the lessons each game give us. In every challenge, the player is given a set of tools, resources, and interaction possible in order to achieve gratification and thus move on to another section. The glorious domain of the online world is active with all kinds of people that are utilizing their resources and making a positive change in the world just by effort to understand the thought. With all the resources online, and all the different possiblilites to achieve a goal in games, a direct correlation can be made based on the lure both of these “Semiotic Domains” pull users toward.

In both Gee and Shirky’s realms of expertise, there are common underlining principles to be considered. For instance, there is a reward in merely knowing you led yourself to act on something that in someway was important to your growth as a person. Video games feed to this by allowing players in some instances online privileges to interact with other players via headset and game play conduct; although, the limitations are still within the designers specifications (though you may snag a glitch every so often). Online resources are examples of freely expressive individuals, contributing a plethora of information usually devoted to one subject: the initial piece that grouped the folks together. In these intimate and ever-evolving platforms, many people are realizing their “amateur” qualities in the online realm at the same time they are seeing these devices enter the classroom in the form of clever PC games and rhetoric situated for the digital spaces.


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